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Party in the Park Terms & Conditions


  1. Purchase of tickets for the Festival is governed by these terms.

These terms also govern the use of the tickets and attendance at the Festival.

  1. In these terms, certain words and phrases have specific meanings:

the site means the site where the Festival takes place.

we, us, our, or related words refer to Stortford Heroes or its authorised agents.

you, your or related words refer to the buyer of the tickets and, as relevant, anyone using the tickets.

  1. Any words following “including”, “includes”, “for example”, “in particular” or any similar expression are illustrative only and do not change the sense of the wider clause they are used in.


  1. We have the right to not admit you to the site or to require you to leave the site.
  2. You are not entitled to a refund of any donations made if we refuse you admission or require you to leave the site where in our reasonable opinion (or the reasonable opinion of anyone working for us):
    • you are under the age of 16 and not accompanied by an appropriate adult;
    • you have no ticket;
    • your ticket has already been used by someone else, has been bought from an unauthorised reseller, or is fake;
    • you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
    • you behave inappropriately in a way that causes or is likely to cause distress to other people;
    • you breach any of the rules set out below under the heading “Site Rules”; or
    • you present a risk to the safety of other people or the safe operation of the Festival.
    • If you have any disabled access requirements, please email [email protected] as far as possible in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The site is a public park and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access all facilities. If you turn up without making prior arrangements, it is more likely that you will not be able to access all facilities.
  3. Ticket holders must exchange their ticket for a wristband on arrival. This must be worn at all times for the duration of the event – you may be asked to leave if you are not wearing a wristband.
  4. No animals will be admitted to the site other than assistance dogs for the disabled.
  5. As referred to above, if you are under the age of 16 you must be accompanied by an appropriate adult, who must be your parent, guardian, or nominated guardian. We (or people working for us) may ask you for proof of age or your accompanying adult for proof of parentage or authority as your guardian.
  6. You will normally be allowed to leave and re-enter the site.
  7. You and your bags may be searched before you are admitted to the site. Any items which you are not allowed to have on the site (as set out in clause 18 below) may be confiscated, temporarily or permanently (though you will normally be given the chance to take the items away and re-join the queue from the back without those items).
  8. Please note there are restricted capacities at any stage or attraction that is within a tent or similar structure and once they reach maximum capacity there will be no further admissions to those tents or structures. You are not guaranteed admission to these areas.

Site Rules

  1. Please respect the site and use the waste and recycling bins provided. We have to look after our planet!
  2. Fires are not permitted in any area and will be extinguished.
  3. You must not tackle any dangerous situations, including (but not just) fires, but should instead report situations like this to one of our stewards, security guards, first-aiders, or other workers.
  4. Strictly no trading is allowed on the site without written permission from us.
  5. You are not allowed to bring or have the following things on the site:
    • professional photographic or recording equipment;
    • laser pens or similar devices;
    • any psychoactive substances, illegal drugs, or other illegal substances (sometimes known as “legal highs”);
    • your own alcohol (but alcohol purchased at the Festival is allowed);
    • containers for liquid that are made of glass or hold more than 500ml;
    • Chinese lanterns, fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, or any similar item;
    • air horns, klaxons, megaphones or any similar item;
    • any personalised motorised vehicle (but mobility vehicles and wheelchairs are allowed);
    • any radio communicators;
    • personal generators;
    • leisure batteries or vehicle batteries (lithium-ion “power bank” batteries with the “CE” mark are permitted);
    • barbeques of any sort, camping stoves of any sort, or any other heat-producing cooking equipment;
    • any other illegal thing; or
    • any other thing which, in our reasonable opinion (or the reasonable opinion of anyone working for us) is a threat to the safety or wellbeing of yourself or others or to the rights of our authorised traders.
  1. You must not smoke in any enclosed spaces or other areas which any signs say are no-smoking areas. This includes e-cigarettes (and similar things).
  2. You must not record any video or audio footage of any performances.
  3. Whilst on the site you must comply with any reasonable instruction which is given to you by someone working for us and which relates to safety, the enforcement of these terms, or the smooth running of the event.

Ticket Rules

  1. We will not issue duplicate tickets. It is your responsibility to keep your tickets safe.
  2. You must not re-sell (or allow anyone else to re-sell) your ticket without our express written permission. You must not re-sell or transfer any ticket if you are doing so in the course of business. If you have bought your ticket from someone who breached these restrictions, your ticket will not be valid and we will not owe you any refund – Party in the Park is a free-to-attend event, and no re-sales of tickets will be allowed
  3. No tickets may be used for competitions or promotions without our express written permission.


  1. If we cancel the Festival (in whole or in part):
  2. We will do our best to give as much advance notice as possible to the person who obtained the tickets, using the contact details given to us at the time of buying.
  3. If the event (or any cancelled part of it) is rescheduled to another date, we will do our best to give details to the person who bought the tickets, using the contact details given to us at the time of buying.
  4. Your ticket to the cancelled event will be valid for any re-scheduled event or if there is no re-scheduled event, the equivalent event the following year (if there is one). This does not apply if the event is cancelled part-way through due to reasons outside our reasonable control.
  5. Cancellation due to extreme weather or a major incident is not within our reasonable control.
  6. The wording above sets out your entire remedy relating to any cancellation by us and we will not be liable to you for any other costs, losses, or similar that you may have as a result of or relating to the cancellation. (We recommend that you consider travel insurance to cover any costs, losses, or similar not dealt with above.)

Legal Matters

  1. We will do our very best to ensure that the line-up and content of the Festival are as advertised, but sometimes things change despite our best efforts (and sometimes at short notice) so we reserve the right to change the advertised line-up, content, and on-the-day timings without prior notice.
  2. We reserve the right to change the admission requirements and the site rules set out in these terms to the extent strictly necessary to ensure safe management of the site and compliance with any changes in law, regulations, or the terms of our use of the site. We will do our best to give you as much advance notice of those changes as possible, but in any case, they will apply as soon as they are communicated to you.
  3. Please note that amplified sound and strobe lighting are likely to be used at the event – it is your responsibility to take appropriate precautions against any negative effects these things may cause you.
  4. CCTV may be in use on and around the site, for the purposes of public safety and the prevention and detection of crime. Unless signage at the site says otherwise, our Privacy Policy will apply to this use of CCTV.
  5. You may feature in photographs and recordings taken by us (or on our behalf) at the event, which may be taken via drone or other professional recording equipment, which we may then use for promotional or other commercial purposes. Again, this is covered by our Privacy Policy
  6. Important – Limitation of Liability: These terms do not limit or exclude any liability that, by law, cannot be limited or excluded. Otherwise, as a free-to-attend event, we have no liability to you, and any donation you may have made to one of the supported charities will not be refundable (or, in the case of cancellation by us, is limited as set out in clause 28 above).
  7. English law applies to these terms, their subject matter, and their formation, and the English Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising about those things.
  8. By agreeing to Stortford Heroes Party in the Park Festival Terms and Conditions, you are also agreeing to our Privacy Policy

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